Hannes Meyer, Marxist and modernist (1889-1954).

Luigi Moretti- Italian Architect 1955


Le Corbusier, Sainte-Marie de La Tourette, 1959

 Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Art of Fiction No. 69, Winter 1981, The Paris Review:


Can you distinguish between inspiration and intuition?


“Inspiration is when you find the right theme, one which you really like; that makes the work much easier. Intuition, which is also fundamental to writing fiction, is a special quality which helps you to decipher what is real without needing scientific knowledge, or any other special kind of learning. The laws of gravity can be figured out much more easily with intuition than anything else. It’s a way of having experience without having to struggle through it. For a novelist, intuition is essential. Basically it’s contrary to intellectualism, which is probably the thing that I detest most in the world—in the sense that the real world is turned into a kind of immovable theory. Intuition has the advantage that either it is, or it isn’t. You don’t struggle to try to put a round peg into a square hole.”

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                Torres De Satelite: Luis Barragan in collaboration with Mathias Goeritz